(134340) PLUTO

In (134340) Pluto beschäftigte ich mich mit dem Finden und Verschwinden des Zwerg- und zugleich Ex-Planeten Pluto, dem die Internationale Astronomische Union im Jahr 2006 seinen Planetenstatus aberkannte. Sofern man Empathie für Nicht-Lebende Dinge empfinden kann, so empfand ich eine Art Mitgefühl für den verschmähten (Ex-) Planeten und wollte ihm zu Ehren eine Arbeit entwickeln, in der ‚er’ Mittelpunkt sein darf. Die Arbeit besteht aus dem Versuch Objekte, Strukturen und Oberflächen so zu erfassen, dass dem Betrachter eine gedankliche Verknüpfung mit Bildern aus dem Bereich der Astrofotografie möglich wird. Dies geschah unter der Prämisse zu keinem Zeitpunkt in den Himmel zu fotografieren.Schließlich lässt sich (134340) Pluto in drei Abschnitte einteilen, die sich inhaltlich wie auch in der Präsentation voneinander absetzen aber durch die Auseinandersetzung mit Pluto wiederum einen Rahmen schaffen. Die Abschnitte sind wie folgt unterteilt: 1. Der faktisch wissenschaftliche Teil 2. Versuchsanordnung 3. Die Assoziation

In (134340) Pluto I’m dealing with the finding and vanishing of the dwarf and at the same time ex-planet Pluto. As the International Astronomic Union reconsidered the definition of planets, Plutos reclassification to a new category of “dwarf planets” was set. As far as one can feel empathy for non-living things, I felt a kind of compassion for the rejected planet and decided him to be the focus in my upcoming project.
Since I was doing my research I noticed, that i started to see and think in an associative way when it comes to space and planets. I recognized the crater landscape of the moon on the working space of my desk or a star chart on a friends back. I was enjoying seeking for the big in the ordinary. This phenomenon became a significant part in (134340) Pluto. Ultimately I split the work in three parts which differ contentual and in their presentation but manage together to put a frame around Pluto.

1. Actual scientific 2. The Experiment 3. The Association

1: The Actual scientific part shows pictures that give direct hints to astronomical studies. Vintage footage and my photographs are mixed in this chapter as it comprises for example a portrait of Pluto explorer Clyde William Tombaugh, a blink microscope, a scientific device that helped exploring Pluto or a screenshot of Clyde W. Tombaugh pointing at Pluto on a star chart while being a guest in a game show.
2: Based on an anecdote of astronomers in which the imagination about Plutos size and distance constantly changed during time. Pluto became smaller and smaller and his distance larger. A joke came up that said that Pluto might just disappear all of a sudden one day. Referring to this joke I started an pseudo-scientific experiment. I recorded the melting process of a miniature Ice-Pluto.
3: The third part consists of images that stand for mental links and should awake an association or pretend authenticity. By using aesthetic characteristic known from astro-photography I try to achieve an authentic effect. All images where taken under the premise to not point the camera towards the sky.

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